WEGAME 5.0: five classes, five gaming zones, five times more fun

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The large-scale festival of gaming and geek culture WEGAME is upgraded to the fifth version! Let’s immerse in the universe of PC video games and mind-blowing cosplay on April 21-22 at the Kyiv-based exhibition center ACCO International.

Cool updates
This time, the Smile-Expo international company that organizes the event comes up with something new. Every attendee will have a chance to choose one of the five classes to present at WEGAME 5.0.

  • PC Master Race.
  • Geeks (table games).
  • Console gods.
  • Oldfags (retro).
  • Mobile ninja.

New gaming locations
Why five? That is because the WEGAME fest is loudly celebrating its fifth anniversary. Thus, the event will be divided into the mentioned number of gaming zones.

  • PC zone for Dota 2 and CS:GO competitions.
  • Console zone for Mortal Kombat and FIFA competitions.
  • Mobile zone for epic Hearthstone competitions.
  • Table games zone with the most exciting offline competitions.
  • Retro zone that will appeal to everyone.

Limitless cosplay

Goodbye, limits and rules: at WEGAME 5.0, cosplayers are offered a variety of topics and categories. Freedom of art is what matters! Heroes of video games, series, and comics will compete alongside the original images created by the imagination of show participants.

This time, the jury will decide on the following nominations:

  • Best Playthrough;
  • Best Craft;
  • Best Image;
  • Audience Favorite Prize;
  • Organizers’ Award.

Awards, lecture zone and quests
Apart from a bright cosplay show at the main stage of the fest, there will be the WEGAME Awards ceremony for the developers of top innovative products in the Ukrainian gaming industry.

Attendees of the festival will also have an opportunity to hear the amazing lecture zone with gaming announcements, presentations of gamedev experts dedicated to the basics of gaming videoblogging, eSports, and cosplay. All the interested will also take part in topical contests and quests.

WEGAME 5.0 is not just a festival. It’s the whole universe for fans of video games and cosplay!

Your ticket to WEGAME 5.0.

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