Anniversary Russian Gaming Week in Moscow

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Winners of the most prestigious in Russia and the CIS annual award in the field of bookmaking Betting Awards 2016 will be announced on June 2, 2016. The event is devoted to the international forum Russian Gaming Week.

Dozens of domestic and international companies will compete for the right to be called the best industry players. Among the nominees are virtual and real betting shops, manufacturers of professional and user software, operators of payment systems and industry media. Awards will be awarded in nine categories. They include:

1. Best Betting Product of the Year
2. Best Betting Mobile Application of the Year
3. Innovative Company in the Betting Industry of the Year
4. Best Partner Program (Franchise) of the Year
5. Best Advertising Campaign of the Year
6. Best Payment System of the Year
7. Best Betting Network of the Year
8. Best Online Bookmaker of the Year
9. Best Bookmaking Internet Portal of the Year

The solemn awards ceremony, as always, will be bright and memorable. Organizers promise luxury and emotional show, the details of which are kept secret. The atmosphere at the Betting Awards will promote pleasant and productive relaxation after a busy day at Russian Gaming Week.

The majority of participants of the forum will join this celebration. For many representatives of gambling business this event will be a unique opportunity to meet all their colleagues in one place, share successes and discuss plans for the future and, of course, to congratulate the winners, or to celebrate their own victory.

Betting Awards is a chance to make useful contacts in a relaxed atmosphere, to enlist the support of new partners, to overhear the ideas of competitors and, perhaps, to conceive joint projects.

The ceremony will take place in the centre of Moscow at the restaurant «Svetliy». A private party will become a pleasant continuation of the evening. This time the organizers have taken into account all the suggestions of the participants in order to hold the betting event of the year at the highest level. Guests will enjoy delicious refreshments and a great show program. The organizers do not disclose the details, as intrigue always strengthens positive impressions.

Betting Awards 2016 will be held for the second consecutive year and is devoted to the anniversary expo — forum Russian Gaming Week, which will take place on June 2-3 at Sokolniki Congress Centre. The exposition area will feature the latest technologies for various areas of the gambling industry and related industries. During the forum, leading experts and entrepreneurs will discuss the challenges, opportunities and trends in the development of the entertainment industry.

The event is organized by Smile-Expo. The company has organized dozens of successful exhibitions and conferences aimed at promoting gambling in Russia and abroad.

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